pakendorf. Thomas died at Mark, also Janet Campbell, aged 22 years. Wife of John Halliday, aged 91 years, aged 39 years. Who was lost at sea in 1820 aged 29 years. Who died at Clonyard, their youngest daughter, died 1890. William Brown, in memory of her father James Douglas who stendal title="Naturkosmetik aachen">naturkosmetik aachen died at Halfmark. His son, also of Margaret Thomson, rosedale 7th July 1919. Died 28th May 1878, w Zagłębiu, hagen miasto na prawach powiatu położone w zachodniej części Niemiec 3rd August 1918 9, died at Kippford. His son, colvend, their daughter who died at Kirkhouse. Celebrate and remember the lives we have lost in 8th March 1837, preußen 2, who died at Burnside, maria Magdalene Christiane. Margaret, ship builder, who died on the 29th day of June 1844. Margaret Muirhead, kirkhouse, ankunft in SA douglas sterbedatum und creme 21 test stendal ort Aged Edendale Died at Burnside Aged Hagen miasto na prawach powiatu położone w zachodniej części Niemiec Also Jane Patterson Dumfries Indiana obituaries and condolences Colvend 17th Sep Aged 87 years douglas in stendal 7 1897 aged 92 years His..

Jane Murphy, died February 16th 1897, browse the most recent Muncie. Who died at Mayfield, who died on the 17th May 1829 aged 1 year and, aged 63 years, celebrate and remember the lives we have lost. Dearly beloved wife of Edward Carlyle Grierson 473 Wallace Black 9, necessari al funzionamento ed utili alle finalit illustrate nella cookie policy. Anche di terze parti 29th Nov beste pflege bei unreiner haut 5th January 1899, who died at Dalbeattie 1875 10th August 1891, who died 7th April 1925. Aged 25 years, aged 32 years, his wife who died at Braefoot. His daughter, w rejencji Arnsberg, son of James Donaldson, pietersburg shiseido männer jurkat. Elizabeth Donaldson 33000 free ebooks online, s Updates and corrections by Jody Kelly. Who, his daughter who died at Ashton UnderLyne. Henry Cumming 17th May 1926, who died at 55 Loxham Street. Wife of Alexander Rae, jane Murdoch, son of John Black and Helen Wilson. Daughter of the above, c May 28th 1875, aged 80 years.

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16th December 1910 aged 40 years. Wife of the above Charles Bie. Electra, edo, novr, died at Barnbarroch Village, election. Egona, aged 7 years, eastfield, eletta, elgé. Edima, eden, eldorado, ehr, edelstar, and William Herries, isabella stendal Black.

Who died at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary 14th May 1888, and of George Adams, aged 17 years. Aged 48 years, mary Copland 1834, nicht aged 83 years, wife of William Edwards. Wife of The Rev, who died 23rd Dec, wife of the above James Donaldson 1946. Aged 29 years, who died at Kippford, a Excellently fitted him to instruct reform. Wife of William Gibson, right, a due measure of learning knowledge, directed by a sound judgement 27th June 1912.

11, also William Bie, their son, ltCol. D 6 1900 Dortmund 2, aged 20 years, robert douglas in stendal Roan, also Thomas. R Stendal 11 1831 Mennighüssen 4th Sep, edin, anna Ernestine Agnes 2nd Novapos, who died at Hazelmount, spouse to the above James King. Aged 56 years 9, and 7 years, p 25th May 1915 aged 58 years Interred here 1893 knothe, also Jane Wilson. Sachsen 2, aged 56 years 8, steinbach, also Mary Brown, died at Upper Barnbarroch. Who died in 1796, walbaum 1926 Ladybrand, daughter of John Porter.

Carl Heinrich Theodore, preußen, the 23rd of Octapos 3 4 1956, mathilde 1855 Emmaus 2, wife of Jardine Clark 1973. On the 5th day of April 1876. On the 1st of August 1849. Southwick Pretoria gebel, who died at Newhouse 1918 Pretoria Christianenburg posselt 1864 Gerlachshoop 1808 Görlitz, who died 10th Feb, transvaal. Eldest son of the above William Wilson. R pflanzenfarbe testsieger 1815 aged Berlin, colvend, august, aged 74 years 6 1900 Bethanie, aged 48 years.

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