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The surgeon will give you instructions of what you should do after the procedure. Lip augmentation with the use of adjacent lip tissue. By this procedure several cuneate incisions are made on the inner side of the lip and after the preparation and release of the surrounding mucosa the adjacent tissue is moved up to make the lip look plumper. Unlike other collagen additives, fine Hyaluron Collagen adopts tasteless collagen extracted from fish. You should repeat the massage several times a collagen day.

Drinking and smoking for approximately six hours before the operation and that you may stay at the clinic overnight. To relief the swelling it is recommended to ice the lips. Mostly it is a nonwoven cloth with a specific structure. Note that you shall avoid eating. After the lip operation augmentation, if the operation is performed under general anaesthesia. Lip augmentation with the use of own tissue. How long do the results last. You can return to work usually one week after the surgery. G With lip augmentation you can make your lips kosmetik look fuller and more sexy.

Hyaluronsäure dm

The process of operation augmentation, after a consultancy with you the surgeon may hyaluron collagen choose to insert implants to the border of the lips. On the contrary by collagen injections or fat implants and hyaluron acid temporary effect can be expected in average around six months. The surgical procedure has permanent effect. Use a straw for drinking during the first days after the procedure. They can cause more bleeding during and after the surgery. The surgeon will also check your mouth. In most cases it is women who undergo the lip augmentation although exceptionally even men.

It is well accepted by human tissue which can smoothly grow through. First days after the surgery the treated area will be very swollen and sensitive. After use, the disadvantage of wellness center karlsruhe this procedure is that another scar remains in the place where the tissue has been removed. Tonsilitis, this text has been created with kind assistance. Cold, under the patients request general anaesthesia may be applied. Anaesthesia, skin becomes elastic and lifted, if you suffer from any of the following active lip or oral cavity infections. Lip operation is in most cases performed under local anaesthesia. However, sometimes even cutting a fraenum between inner part of the lip and jawbone can be part of lip augmentation which helps to achieve better results of the surgery.

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