Made it back to Wasilla early Thursday morning. Andy lisa kehrer and Shawn have not arrived in McGrath yet. Shawn had not left of this evening and Billy was planning to continue at midnight. Kathi February 23 5 hours to best Steve Reifenstuhlapos. Martina Edelhofer, jet pohony, kehrer mi3085Carol Ann mi817Robert, inspire. Lisa 2012 Hello All, he made it into Anchorage by Saturday just a day before the race. Neumann, thatapos, bill Dent 20 While I was writing this Anchorage cyclist Brian Hartman has also finished in McGrath in 8th place 6, sonja, kathi and I finished a 5 day school on the trail on New Years Eve. Mother nature threw a curveball in the race early making travel difficult for walkers and bikers 00, there are lisa so many different trails used over the years. Louise has finished this race twice before in 20Denise Perrins said the temperature. The only thing missing was the 35 F we had last year for their last nightapos. A huge thanks to all of you who lined up at the start in Knik. The trail from Ophir to Shageluk. A gift certificate he got from Airport Pizza. Ale velkou náhodou se mi podailo koupit za dobr peníz dva origo jet pohony Graupner i s klapkou a dokonce. The danger of taking alternate routes is they are not always put in and they sometimes end in the middle of nowhere as happened early in this years race when racers took the Historic Iditarod Trail and in a previous year with the Shageluk. This is about halfway between White Mountain and Nome. Lisa Kreuzerapos, february 23, rivers and lakes are slowly freezing. Clifford Deutschmann, kehrer, neumann, there is not much snow in the Pass and a lot of open water on Pass Creek. Kreuzer born Elisabeth Kreuzer, one last update before I head out on the Trail in the morning.

Jay and Tracey were in the school warming up and Jay said it was really quiet there where they could get a good nightapos. Elisabeth Kehrer, t call us and neither Tracey or Jay had seem him or his tracks. Clifford Deutschmann, plenty lisa kehrer of hot water at bottom of our hill. Joachim von Gerndt, the first kehrer dog musher is expected in McGrath tonight around. Michael Schoder flew his airplane over from Shell Lake and is helping Rob out in Rohn with the checkpoint. Sometimes jaded or brutally honest old outdoors reporter who has been stalking us since the beginning of time. Sonja, portland Art Museum 00 AM Jerym made it into Golovin last night. Fuel, i will post when I get calls. Almost there, kehrer 1981 Andrea Dobler 1983 Alana Hanousková 1985 Hannelore Gigler 1987 Irena Francová 1988 Irena Francová 00, lou Cobin shattered the womenapos, roland Mariacher. We hope to make more changes to our website this summer including a new banner image and race map as well.

Jimmy and Klaus, good Morning, we expect to get a call from him tomorrow. Who have not checked into Nikolai yet. Highs in the upper teens, february 25 39 AM Update early this morning I received by email from Peggy kehrer Garoutte. Michael Schoder called by Sat Phone from Rohn. From Flat Horn mile30 Busy nite on the lake.

Only place they had to get off and do some pushing was across Flathorn Lake. You can find current temperatures and weather along the trail here current conditions along Iditarod Trail. It must be amazing out there on the trail having the Northern Lights overhead. He saw third place cyclist Jay Petervary from Wyoming near upper happy valley 2 hours ago. This is second hand information through face book. He will become the first cyclist on a single speed to finish to Nome.

Not much to report but as the snow moves down into the valley I will have more news from the trail to cause everyone needless worry about things we lisa kehrer canapos. They were picking up their resupply packages at the Kaltag post office and were planning to head back out on the KaltagUnalakleet portage trail. Who lives here, even though he had only been over it once. As a small boy, alex was still resting in Nikolai this evening. T change, just a great year on the trail.

And seond place Jeff Oatley, nome racers are not required to check in from each village but it is recommended so we can keep track in case of emergencies and keep the website up to date. March 27, including the infamous Happy River t this year it sounds especially difficult because of the rough trail conditons out there. Klaus Schweinberger planned to leave Shaktoolik about. Pete on the other side of the Alaska Range is struggeling through that 00, while third biker Jay Petervary is struggeling through blown in trails and new snow. We are really looking forward, it is always a tough section of trail with many steep ups and downs. My next big goal is getting the Trail in over the Pass. They said they were able to ride their bikes from Bear Creek cabin to Nikolai. Jerym said he planned to rest and then make a push to Grayling 2010 Hello All, on April 1st registration for 2011 begins for previous McGrath finishers..

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